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Committed to ending homelessness.
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As the lead agency, Heartland Coalition for The Homeless organizes the collaboration of different service providers and local agencies to address the needs of homeless individuals and families and provide essential support services. Through interagency communication and cooperation, we strive to help prevent and end homelessness so that individuals may continue or resume positive contributions to their communities.

Projects and Programs

Our projects include:

  • Education

    We believe that one of the most important ways to break the cycle of poverty for children is through education. We offer several scholarships and educational grants to help keep children in school.

  • Homelessness Prevention

    This service is for individuals or families who will imminently lose their primary nighttime residence provided that:

    • The home will be lost within 14 days of the initial date of application for assistance;
    • No subsequent residence has been identified; and
    • The applicant lacks the support and resources required to obtain other permanent housing.
  • Rapid /Rehousing

    This service is for individuals or families who are currently:

    • Homeless and living on the streets
    • Sleeping in places not meant for human habitation, such as cars, parks, and/or abandoned buildings
    • Persons coming from an emergency shelter for a homeless person or from a motel paid for by a third party
    • Being discharged from a stay 90 days or less in an institution and previously resided on the street or in an emergency shelter
  • Challenge Grant

    This program is designed to meet crucial housing program and service needs in the CoC. The services offered under the challenge grant are similar to that of the ESG except that it accommodates individuals or families who are over the Annual Monthly Income (AMI) of the ESG program.

Emergency Solutions Grant Request for Proposal

Grant Descriptions

We offer several grants, including:

  • Permanent Supportive Housing Grant (PSH)

    The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) provides funding to the Heartland Coalition for The Homeless for Permanent Supportive Housing. This grant serves a minimum of 14 chronically homeless households in the Homeless Continuum of Care (CoC) area including Highlands, Hardee, Hendry, Desoto, Glades, and Okeechobee Counties.

    Households in the program may have mental health issues, substance use disorders, physical disabilities or chronic illnesses, and/or co-occurring disorders. Households receive both rental assistance and support services. Households are expected to contribute 30% of their income toward housing costs. The case manager ensures equal access to housing regardless of disabilities and develops relationships with landlords that will encourage housing stability.

    This grant serves Highlands, Hendry, Hardee, DeSoto, Glades, and Okeechobee Counties.

  • Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG) Program

    The Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG) is a federal program that provides funding to states and local governments for emergency services and housing supports for homeless and at-risk households. Under the 2009 HEARTH Act, eligible activities under ESG were expanded from traditional shelter and outreach services to also include rapid re-housing and targeted homeless prevention. The purpose of this expansion was to help people quickly regain stability in permanent housing after experiencing a housing crisis and/or homelessness.

    The purpose of the ESG program funding is to:

    • Engage homeless individuals and families living on the street;
    • Improve the number and quality of emergency shelters for homeless individuals and families;
    • Help operate these shelters;
    • Provide essential services to shelter residents;
    • Rapidly re-house homeless individuals and families; and
    • Prevent families and individuals from becoming homeless.

    In order to comply with ESG, new regulations (24 CFR 576.400) require ESG recipients and sub-recipients to consult with the Continuum of Care (CoC) entity in their region to determine how to allocate ESG funds, develop performance standards, and evaluate the outcomes of projects and activities funded with ESG. They also must develop written policies and procedures for determining which households will receive assistance and for determining the type, amount, and length of assistance to be offered to eligible households.

Service Areas, Locations, and Times

For assistance, please refer to the list below:

Permanent Supportive Housing Project Sub-contractors

Agricultural and Labor Program Inc. (ALPI)

198 Sixth Street, Moore Haven, FL 33741
863-946-0298 / 863-214-2674
Hendry, Glades and Okeechobee

Hands for Homeless Inc.

106 N Butler Avenue, Avon Park, FL 33825
863-212-8941 / 863-446-1715
Highlands, Hardee and Desoto

Coalition Staffing Agency Location

752 US Highway, 27 North
Avon Park, Fl 33825
9 AM – 5 PM, Monday – Friday

Challenge Grant Providers or Subcontractor

Alpha and Omega Freedom Ministries

113 N 7th Ave., Wauchula, FL 33873
Hardee, Highlands, Desoto, Glades, Hendry & Okeechobee – 9 AM to 5 PM, Monday – Friday

ESG Provider or Subcontractor(s)

Alpha and Omega Freedom Ministries

113 N 7th Ave., Wauchula, FL 33873
Hardee County – 9 AM – 5 PM, Monday-Friday

Agricultural and Labor Program, Inc. (ALPI)

1306 S. Tulane Avenue
Avon Park, FL 33825
863-657-2104; 863-214-2595
Highlands and Glades Counties – 8 AM to 5 PM, Monday – Friday

Agricultural and Labor Program, Inc. (ALPI)

198 Sixth Street
Moore Haven, Florida 33741
Hendry and Glades Counties – 9 AM – 5 PM, Monday – Friday

Join Us in Preventing and Ending Homelessness

Heartland Coalition for The Homeless has an open invitation to all service providers, public housing agencies, community organizations, and local agencies who wish to join us in our mission to prevent and end homelessness. Sign up and become a member today.

CharityTracker PLUS

CharityTracker PLUS is a useful tool that lets you keep track of the different people you’ve donated to and how you have impacted their causes. Check out this video for a tutorial on how to set-up and use your very own CharityTracker PLUS account.

For more information, give us a call at 863-453-8901 (Office) / 863-253-9672 (Cell).